Textual Scholarship

Leah S. Marcus puts forth a great argument in her essay, Textual Scholarship, which concludes that textual scholarship isn’t merely about the dry study of books as artifacts anymore. Indeed, the field is much more interesting than analyzing ancient manuscripts. It goes beyond the scope of books as items, and into the examination of texts as a type of language that may reach the reader in different forms. It is an art rather than just a just a necessary discipline that must be studied. Like the field of literary criticism and analysis, textual scholarship is rooted in research and interpretation, and originality – like the importance of studying original, ‘pure’ texts, unchanged, unaltered, and unabridged in form – is key. The field of textual scholarship and all it entails – history, interpretation, and analysis – is, certainly, exciting and intriguing.


~ by syedm on November 25, 2008.

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